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Carpeting adds a comfortable feel and stylish look to your home or office. It holds up well to all the daily action in your space and lasts for years. At Star Carpet Cleaning, we installing or replacing the carpeting in your home takes a serious consideration of time, effort, and budget. 

With the help of our qualified team, we guide you through an affordable and professional carpet installation service that suits all your needs perfectly. We work with you from start to finish, 100% of the way, offering you our top quality service and delivering an installation you'll love. 

Complete Attention, Professional Care

Working with Star Carpet Cleaning means working with a truly professional team of customer service specialists and technicians. Our service starts with a personal consultation where our customer service specialist guides you through our hundreds of carpeting options including choices at every color, style, price, and performance. 

During this time, you look through our carpet sample books and get a realistic feel of how your choices look, feel, and cost. We listen closely to your needs and concerns and never show you a carpet option that does not suit your taste or budget.

When the time comes for the actual installation, one of our certified and experienced technicians comes to perform either the glue down or stretch installation method. Each of these methods hold up well rolling traffic, resist buckling, and give you a flawless look that lasts.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We work with your satisfaction at the top of our priorities. We treat your space with the attention and care it needs throughout the entire service. We also give you a free 100% satisfaction guarantee on the performed installation. 

So, when you need an affordable and professional carpet installation service that suits all your needs, call the experts at Star Carpet Cleaning.  

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Debra Stillman, Dorchester

I am so pleased with the overall look and strength of my area rugs. You guys really did an excellent repair job, I almost can't believe what I am seeing.