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When can I walk on my carpet again?

We normally advise that you keep all traffic off of your carpets for at least two hours following a professional cleaning service. After the two hour period and up to 24 hours following the service, we strongly advise you to wear white cotton socks when walking on your freshly cleaned carpets. Bare feet may leave oil spots while colored socks may bleed.

When will my carpet be completely dry?

In general, it takes anywhere between six to 24 hours for your carpet to dry completely. Dry time is effected by the environment of the room including humidity level, temperature, and air movement. Sometimes dry time exceeds 24 hours when a protective coating is applied after the cleaning service.

When will my furniture be completely dry?

In general, it takes anywhere between six to eight hours for your furniture to dry completely. However, we highly recommend not using your furniture for at least 24 hours following a professional cleaning.

Will all the spots come out of my carpet, rug, or furniture?

Our number one goal is to completely remove the spots from your piece using the best tools, products, and technicians. We boast a very high success rate in spot removal; however, we can guarantee removal of all set-in stains.

Can you remove pet odors and stains?

As an experienced professional cleaning company, we confront pet odors and stains on a regular basis. We approach these stains with a powerful system of stain removal and cleaning products. Our system breaks down the stains and neutralizes odors and we boast a high success rate of clean and freshness using our process.

Do you use green cleaning products?

Yes, we proudly use a specialized line of non-toxic, bio-degradable green cleaning products. They use all-natural ingredients to fight off messes completely and leave your space and Mother Nature healthy, clean, and protected.

Do you offer organic cleaning options?

Yes, we proudly offer an organic cleaning option for all our professional cleaning services. During the organic service, we use high efficiency machines and our all-natural, non-toxic cleaning products.

What types of rugs do you clean?

We clean all types of rugs including hand-made and machine-made, Oriental, Persian, and Turkish, silk, wool, and synthetic, and modern and antique rugs.

Why types of furniture do you clean?

We clean all types and styles of furniture including sofas, couches, love seats, chaise lounges, arm chairs, dinning chairs, ottomans, and, even, slip covers.

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