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Messy Sofa? Clean It Up

The sofas in your space see lots of action—from relaxation after a long day of work to seating for dinner parties. All this action brings about messes of all shapes and sizes including dirt, stains, spots, germs, and allergens.

At Star Carpet Cleaning, we give you a professional solution that cleans and refreshes your sofa completely. Our local and expert sofa cleaning service removes tough stains and messes and leaves your sofa looking and feeling like new again.

We come with over ten years of experience and serve all residential and commercial spaces all over Boston. We know the neighborhoods well and boast an impressive client base throughout the metro area.

Complete Professional Clean

We take pride in our professional cleaning process that delivers long lasting, top quality results. Our process includes the following steps: 


This helps us identify all the messes and stains in your sofa and diagnose the correct cleaning method. 


Using industrial vacuums, we extract the loose dirt and dust from all layers of your sofa from both the surface and depths of the folds and crevices. 


We offer four types of cleaning methods: steam cleaning, traditional cleaning, deep cleaning, and green cleaning. Each method effectively removes tough stains, dirt, spots, germs, and allergens and leaves behind a lasting freshness and clean. 

Perfect Clean for All Sofas

Throughout our cleaning process, we use only the best cleaning products, equipment and skills and knowledge from our technicians. We clean all types of textiles, like leather, micro fiber, cotton, and suede, individually to avoid any unnecessary damage to your piece. Our process works well for any style of sofa, including couches, arm chairs, love seats, chaise lounges, and slip covers. 

Let the expert team at Star Carpet Cleaning in Boston give you the professional sofa cleaning service you need for a renewed sofa. Call us today to schedule you free in home cleaning test. 

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Mary Dobson, Roxbury

From the very start, I got great service. The people on the phone really helped me create a great cleaning service at a great price. The technicians did an excellent job. My home is so clean. Thank you!