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Mold Removal in Boston

Carpeting and upholstery that is located in darker or damper areas of your home are suseptable to special problems that can affect the health and well being of your family. Mildew, a mold that often attacks carpets, not only causes an unpleasent odor but also causes a variety of health problems, especially asthma.

However, cleaning mildew off your carpets surface will not solve the problem. Our trained professionals at Star Carpet Cleaning go beneath the surface to cure your carpets of this troublesome mold.

It's not just basement upholstry that is subject to mildew. Flooding and water damage is stressfull enough without the added problems that mold can cause in your home or office. Let Star Carpet Cleaning take the worry out of your hands with our emergency cleaning methods.

Our trained technicians will use heavy duty moisture extractors, or our special drying agents, to eliminate any moisture coming from the walls or floors and ensure that once we fix the problem, it won't return. A sanitizing agent will be used next to further ensure your health, before a fragrant deoderizer is used to remove any lingering scents.

By the time our technicians walk out your door, your carpets and upholstry will be free of harmful mildew. So turn to Star Carpet Cleaning for all your mildew and mold emergencies.

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Debra Stillman, Dorchester

I am so pleased with the overall look and strength of my area rugs. You guys really did an excellent repair job, I almost can't believe what I am seeing.