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Clean Up your Work Space

Commercial spaces, like office buildings and warehouses, see as much as or more traffic as your home. This traffic brings about excess stains and dirt in your carpeting that leave you space looking unkempt, unclean, and unprofessional. 

At Star Carpet Cleaning, we offer a complete and professional commercial cleaning service. Our service removes even the toughest work space messes and leaves you with a lasting clean. 

As a locally owed and operated professional cleaning company, we serve all types of commercial spaces all over Boston and surrounding areas. We come with years of industry experience and training and always deliver top quality results.

Deep Clean, Effective Process 

A messy work space not only looks bad to potential customers and employees, it also breeds germs and allergens that affect your current staff and clients. This makes for a less productive and appealing office. At Star Carpet Cleaning, we clean deep into the carpets to remove the messes and germs to keep your work space looking its best and operating efficiently and effectively. 

We use powerful machinery that extracts all trapped, excess dirt, dust and loose soil from the depths of your carpets, as well as the top surface. These machines also penetrate set in stains and break them down completely. 

We then perform a hot water extraction cleaning method that powerfully washes away all stains and messes and kills the harmful germs infecting your office space. During this cleaning treatment, we use effective, bio-degradable and non-toxic, green cleaning products. These products, using only all natural ingredients, fight off the toughest stains, dirt, allergens, and germs and leave you with a healthy and long lasting clean.

Quality Guarantee 

Our cleaning treatment leaves you with a quality clean that refreshes and restores the cleanliness of your carpets and entire work space. Our service comes with the best service, quality results, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When you need a complete and professional commercial cleaning service, call the local experts at Star Carpet Cleaning of Boston. 

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Mary Dobson, Roxbury

From the very start, I got great service. The people on the phone really helped me create a great cleaning service at a great price. The technicians did an excellent job. My home is so clean. Thank you!