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Expert Clean for Your Precious Piece

No matter how well you care for your Oriental rug, stains, dirt, dust, germs, and allergens tend to make a pretty regular and obvious appearance in your precious piece. If left untreated, these messes leave your rug looking unkempt and lead to potential damages, both minor and major, to the foundation and original quality of your piece.

At Star Carpet Cleaning we offer a complete and professional Oriental rug cleaning service that removes all messes and leaves your rug looking its best. Our service comes with special, in-depth knowledge of all styles and types of Oriental rugs and the best care in Boston. 

Quality Care from Start to Finish

Oriental rugs carry with them high sentimental and monetary value. They tell special stories about a past people, culture and time and add depth and style to your space. At Star Carpet Cleaning, we clean away the messes to restore the special beauty and qualities of these amazing pieces. 

Our cleaning service takes place in our state of the art cleaning facility where we control the environment to suit the needs of your rug perfectly. We use the best tools and premium cleaning products from start to finish and follow both traditional and modern cleaning techniques.

Our process starts with a complete dusting to remove all soils from both the surface and deep in the fibers. We then soak and pre treat the rug in a conditioning and stain fighting solutions. 

When we clean the rug, we use a constant flow of water and the best cleaning products for the job. We clear away all stains, messes, and germs living in your rug and leave you with a deep clean that lasts. We dry your rug completely and groom it professional before returning it to you. 

For the best in professional Oriental rug cleaning, call the expert team at Star Carpet Cleaning in Boston. We give you a free pick up and delivery service, 100% satisfaction guarantee, lasting freshness, and a clean you'll love. 

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From the very start, I got great service. The people on the phone really helped me create a great cleaning service at a great price. The technicians did an excellent job. My home is so clean. Thank you!