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Organic Cleaning

Organic Cleaning: Better Than You Think

We all know why we like to choose professional organic cleaning services. But, sometimes, we question the difference or effectiveness of the process. At Star Carpet, we guarantee a deep, complete and highly effective clean using an eco-friendly approach. 

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Don't we all want a healthy place for our family to enjoy? Organically cleaning your carpets provides just that. Using powerful, yet simple, non-toxic green cleaning products, we bust through the toughest stains, messes, and dirt and reveal a deep clean. 

Organic Rug Cleaning

We clean your rugs the right way. We use natural cleansers and follow traditional cleaning methodology. Our cleansers remove 100% of the pollutants in your rug to increase beauty, quality, and life of your piece. 

Organic Upholstery Cleaning 

Nothing beats a healthy place to rest your head. Following an organic process, we help renew and rejuvenate your upholstery completely. We use enzyme based products to remove the toughest messes from couches, sofas, arm chairs, and more. 

Organic Water Damage Repair

After we remove the dangerous standing water after a water emergency, we immediately get to work with cleaning and disinfecting. Our products not only eliminate stains, messes, and germs, they help prevent molds from growing where we clean. 

Organic Commercial Cleaning

Go green in your office with an organic cleaning treatment. Our powerful, high efficiency machines and green cleaning products fight off all messes in your offices, warehouse, and other commercial areas. We leave you with high quality, long lasting results.

Uncompromised Quality, Satisfaction

Organic cleaning gives you more than just a deep clean, it gives you a safe and healthy sanctuary for you, your family, and Mother Earth to enjoy. 

Give our efficient organic cleaning service a try today. Call Star Carpet to schedule your free home cleaning test today.  

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Debra Stillman, Dorchester

I am so pleased with the overall look and strength of my area rugs. You guys really did an excellent repair job, I almost can't believe what I am seeing.