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Scotchguard Protector – Ensuring Long-Lasting Cleanliness

When you get your carpet and upholstery cleaned, you want to keep the freshness and cleanliness for as long as possible, but not entering your home is not an option. The best solution in this case is Scotchguard.

When professionally applied, this fabric protector creates an invisible barrier between your carpet/upholstery and its surroundings, prevents from dirt and grime to stick and repels liquids.

Don't be funny - Save Some Money

By blocking liquids and preventing accumulation of dirt, Scotchguard actually saves you money by allowing you to clean your carpet and upholstery less often. It's like having a car insurance- you understand the importance after an "accident" occurs.

Cleanup Made Easy

Not just a money saver, professionally applied Scotchguard saves you precious time. A scotchguarded carpet and upholstery makes vacuuming easier and a lot more efficient, leaving you with more free time to spend on yourself and your family.

Gather Easily What Another Man Spills

So if you want to enjoy the benefits of Scotchguard protector, take advantage of our discount coupon at the bottom of this page (there's no need to print- just tell us!), and start feeling more comfortable in your home.

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